Amanda K. Duke

Surfing Waikiki!

Born in 1993 in Omaha, NE working her way west. Amanda arrived in Hawaii in 2008, looked around and said "I'm OK right here!" Only leaving home in Hawaii twice since. When she isn't working on the show or surfing the waves, she's supporting herself as a professional nanny. A more down to earth kindred soul you will never meet. Together with the Duke family, Amanda takes a leading role as host of show to the coolest places in the USA. In Search of America's Treasure!

Reid Taira

Hawaiian Heart Throb!

Meet Reid Taira. Drummer for Humble Soul, Lifeguard, Surf Instructor for Takuki Surf Excursions. In Spring of 2012, the Duke family moved to Hawaii. Spending our first month at the Hilton Hawaiian Village. Reid was resident surf instructor and life guard. Reid and Amanda met, fell in love and the rest is history. Reid is multitalented, plays many instuments and performs at concerts and music festivals in Japan, California and can be seen behind the skins at Duke's in Waikiki from time to time. 

Mr. and Mrs. Duke

Heads of he Duke family

The Duke's met in the early 90's on Lake Minnetonka in wonderful Minnesota. We married a year later and have been blessed with four incredible children. The inspiration behind the show. Through out our lives together we have been on many adventures. None as exciting and interesting as our lives traveling the USA as "modern day treasure hunters". It's a history lesson everyday! We love to include the entire family, as custodians of history. Join in on Reality Television History, as we near production stages and film America, it's history and treasures!

The Duke Boys

Bobby Duke

Meet Bobby Duke. Surfer, Skater, Graffiti Artist. Surf Instructor Takukmi Surf Excursions. 

Billy Duke

Meet Billy Duke. Online Gamer, Game Designer, Surfer, Skater. Surf Instructor Takukmi Surf Excursions.

Michael Duke

Meet Michael Duke. Surfer, Online Gamer, Game Designer, Football Player, Green Bay Packers Biggest Fan. Surf Instructor Takukmi Surf Excursions.

ATB Inc. Secret Security

Secure Transportation

While in route to our next film site, the Duke family is protected every inch of the way. Our ATB Inc. Secret Security always has our back. (All servers secured)

Film Events

Huge crowds with Millions of Dollars of America's Treasure line up at our events. All under the watchful eye of the ATB Inc. Secret Security. Mayberry has never been safer!

For Your Protecton

Cleaning out the safety deposit box, have a large collection or estate, transporting high end rarities? No worry! Just give us a call or drop us a line. We will send the ATB Inc. Secret Security for your protection. 


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