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It is common knowledge, it is safer to get multiple offers when selling your treasures. ATB Reality TV puts your rarities in front of hundreds of America's Top Buyers, all competing to be "your" America's Top Buyer. 

Largest National Network of Buyers

ATB Reality TV is the largest network of rarities buyers in the USA! Our ATB Elite Buyers chosen based off their impeccable reputations and credentials. Those who have built careers on the highest standards of honesty, integrity and ethics. The esteemed panel will include buyers who have been in business for many years, those who are recognized as tops in their fields, as well as those who have handled millions of dollars in trade.  With Show Staff who assist the show in every state including Alaska and Hawaii. Ready to help maximize what you get paid for your treasures. 

Catalog, Grading and Estimate Assistance

Give us a call and we will match you with the show buyer assistant closest to you. Who is ready to assist you in the process. Cataloging, grading and providing clear estimate of what you can expect to get paid. Planning your sale and facilatating an incredible offer from  our ATB Elite Buyer Network.

In God We Trust!

All others pay cash and that's how you get paid. Upon acceptance of offer you will be paid via confirmed bank wire transfer only! Never take a paper check for your valuables!  

We Can Help You!

Rare Coins & Currency

Co-founder and Host of Show, James R. Duke, has been an avid collector and buyer of rare coins and currency for two decades. With an extensive network of ATB Elite Buyers ready to bid on your collection. All competing to be your America's Top Buyer.  

Precious Metals

Elite Buyers in the ATB Network are the Market Makers for all things gold, silver or platinum related. From sterling silverware sets, scrap jewelry, dental gold to bullion bars, rounds and coins. Offering near refinery prices for your metals. 

Luxury Goods

If we don't have to feed it. We can help! Art, Collectibles, Old Photos, Fine Watches, Diamonds & Gems, Vintage Vinyl, Guitars, Antiques, Clocks, Native Americana, Classic Cars & Motorcycles and much more.

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