How it all got started

In the spring of 2003, after the loss of a close loved one, James Duke sought out "metal therapy" rekindling his love of collecting old coins. Buying from coin shops and shows with a growing addiction to online auctions. The postman his favorite person delivering his numismatic treasures. 

It wasn't long till he had amassed a fairly sizable collection. Investing a small fortune in the process. With Wendy not all too happy supporting the family while James emptied the bank account each week. Till it all came to a squeaky halt. When they found out they were blessed with their fourth child Michael. 

Babies Need Diapers Not Coins


So James, not ready to return to the corporate world, decided to sell some of his mistakes and duplicates from his coin collection. Figuring this will be easy, "I'll just go sell some of my coins and pay some bills!" Turns out it wasn't as easy as he thought. Every dealer he went to tried to give him a haircut. No way could he take pennies on the dollar for his prized collection. 

After an exhausting and frankly very frustrating time trying to find a dealer. Someone who would be fair and offer a fair price he gave up and said. "I give up, I'll just sell them online myself and get all the money!" Heading home to start his work. 

Before he left the shops though, he realized after witnessing people giving their valuables away, that there has to be a way to get to them and help them before they sell. "I have to find a way to get to those people before they go to the shops!" 

A hobby turned business

Once James got done selling all the coins he had to sell his thirst was still not quenched. Seems like selling coins was a whole lot easier than working. But he needed material to sell and he thought back to all those people he saw at the coin shops. How was he going to reach them to save them from getting taking advantage of by some of the ruthless dealers in the world?

With an advertising background it wasn't hard to figure out by running an ad in the local paper. "The Omaha World Herald". Advertising prices better than the area dealers were paying, that he could make the phone ring. The phone began to ring and the raw coins and currency came pouring in. Everything in the numismatic world you can imagine. Best part was, to increase business he just picked another city close by and ran an ad there too. Before he know it he was running ads in newspapers all over the country and had become a "road warrior". 

Great Opportunities

On the road again.

Running from coast to coast didn't allow for much time in the sales department. All he was doing again was buying. Which once again created a problem for this one man show. Always finding more to buy than he had money to spend.

Partnering for Success

Forced to liquidate as fast as he could acquire, James had the same problem he had before, a need to find reputable dealers who would pay him fair. It took years to develop our Network of Rarities Buyers. All working as partners not adversaries creating a code of business that is fair to all. Buyer and seller alike!

We buy it all.

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